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Question   happy birthday!
Your pictures never fail to amaze me. If you ever feel the need to photograph Yosemie you have a place to stay. Love you still!

FB me ~ my email is down.

- Lisa (Scott) Blevins 2/13/2013 2:48:16 AM

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Question   UJRA
Amazing rodeo pictures of me and my horse!! Thank you for all of them!!

- Kamryn Anderson 3/25/2012 7:58:34 PM

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Question   Pictures
You did such a wonderful job on our family pictures! We absolutely love them! Everybody who sees them just loves them also. I hope you are ready to do more soon! They are great, we love them! Thank you!

- Jenny Olson 8/30/2009 2:56:28 PM

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Question   My Invitations
I LOVE THEM they are so AWESOME!! You do amazing work and I'm so glad that you took all my pictures. Thanks for everything and im so excited to do my bridal pictures with you!

- Breanna Vincent 8/11/2008 7:42:08 PM

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Question   Photography comment from old friend
Hi Diane!

I just checked out your website and I am so amazed. Your photography is beautiful and I am so proud of you for what you have accomplished. You motivate me to pursue my dream and become a better photographer. Im so happy for you and wish you all the luck in the world in your success.

Im so glad to have bumped into you at American Fork Art Festival. Hope all goes well for you.

- Melanie  Fowles 8/28/2007 7:32:14 PM

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Question   The pansy picture
I made it my desktop. Is there anymore needed to be said? It is so beautiful.

- Leah Thomason 3/23/2007 5:41:30 AM

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Question   The Photographer
Hi Cute Lady ! ... thanks for adding us to your mailing list so we can see more of your wonderful photos!

- Susy Epperson 3/21/2007 9:16:50 PM

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Question   Photographs
If you have room on your website you could make another section for "New Additions" for your fans who look for the new pictures.

- Chris Garcia 1/16/2007 8:39:14 PM

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Question   The photographer
Diane, your pictures are wonderful. Bob and I really enjoyed looking at them.

- Karla Nelson 12/17/2006 7:44:25 PM

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